Bondi Beach Australien

Publicerad 2012-10-21 09:12:22 i Allmänt,

Since australia is missing some letters I will write this in english. We are having the time of our life here. This place, the people and the weather is amazing. We have been in Sydney city to see the opera house, harbour bridge and more and yesterday we were being lazy on the beach. Also, we went out yesterday. It was alot of fun!!! I will give you more updates as soon as we get an adapter which works with Fridas computer but... i'm alive, i'm happy and I know I've done the right thing by coming here.


Postat av: Mamma

Publicerad 2012-10-22 08:52:53

YES!Have the time of your life, even if we miss you a lot. Love you <3!

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